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The spa treatment that you get in Savana Spa is definitely one of a kind. We are absolutely sure that you experience an evident difference in the way you feel about yourself after the treatment. We have experienced people who will carry out the spa procedures.

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Aromatherapy Massage

Our Aroma Therapy massage is definitely one of the best. These are some of the procedures that are included in the aromatherapy massage.

  • Ayurvedic Massage

  • Baby massage

  • La-Stone therapy

  • Pregnancy Massage


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“I was one of the greatest experiences that I have ever had in my life. It really felt good, and the whole process was rejuvenating.”


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6 Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage

Working all day and stressing all night gives your body a strain which can not be relieved easily. With such hectic life and work loads, the problem of stress and anxiety is very common. Many people do not consider them much serious but these problems become a reason for many other problems many times. They act as rooting up the problems which are more harmful than you know, for your health and body like diabetes, thyroid, migraine etc. You can easily catch for the reason, why do you need a massage, like you feels your nerves getting stress pains more than usual, you are feeling more tired than you actually worked into, when it has been long since you have relaxed and taken a day off or have had a massage earlier. Many massage therapists recommend, you must have a massage at least twice a month to keep the body and nervous system fit. You must definitely take an appointment when you know you have had a ling week with many physical activities like, cycling, hiking, walking more than usual, running etc, all the physical activities when not done regularly but once in a while, stresses the body too much and when body is not used to this much load, it starts paining and creating problem.

Massages not only relaxes the body but also helps to keep the mind out of stress and calms the temper. There are many therapies which are performed specially to relax mind more than the body itself because the medication understands the role of healthy mind in keeping the healthy body. When you don’t get enough sleep and are working for late hours on the laptop, staring at the screen all the while also stresses the mind and calls for a massage.

There are many types of massages like Balenese, Thai, Potli etc but the most effective massage is Hot Stone massage.

There are few benefits, listed below suggesting the benefits of Hot Stone Massage:

It helps relieve muscle tension and pain and increases the flow of blood. It also increases the flexibility and range of motion. The cold therapy also relieves inflammation.

Reduces stress and anxiety

It also promotes sleep as it relaxed the mind and body. It also works as an alternative for the sleeping pills for adults, especially for the ones suffering from insomnia.

According to few surveys, it has been in review that this massage can also cure the symptoms of autoimmune disease as it relieves painful conditions like fibromyalgia which can spread and causes massive pain.


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