Entirely pain free laser hair removal procedure

The latest model of diode laser ensures highly effective results

Can eliminate the unwanted hair pernamently

All skin types can be safely treated using this process

Because the equipment targets many hair follicles at a time, this is quicker than electrolysis.

Better Than Other Hair Removal Procedures

Unlike waxing or shaving, laser treatment offers a long-lasting hair removal solution.

It can be used anywhere from the earlobes to the toes and it’s suitable for use on the most intimate parts of the body.

Because the equipment targets many hair follicles at a time, laser treatment is quicker than the other methods.

Why Choosing Savana’s Trained Specialists

We use the advanced Motif Hair Removal method from Elōs, a company specilizing in hair removal technologies.

A dermatologist will inspect your skin and discuss every detail with you so you are given a well-informed choice.

A trained professional will carry out each of the sessions.


Body Part
1 Session
6 Sessions
£496 £397
Hollywood (including perianal), Underarms
£1480 £1184
Lower Leg or thighs
£1072 £858
Hollywood (including perianal), Underarm, Half legs
£2560 £2048
Full Back +Shoulder (Female)
£358 £286
Lower Back (Female)
£496 £397
Full Back, Shoulders (Male)
£1800 £1440

* For more information about our laser hair removal prices visit our prices page.

Savana is located in Notting Hill within walking distance from Bayswater, Royal Oak, Notting Hill Gate and Queensway Stations. If you wish to get in touch with us, please use the contact form or call 0207 458 4061.

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